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At, we often receive enquiries regarding the general use of our VPN service, both in the UK and when travelling abroad.  Many of our users are increasingly aware of the implications of using public WiFi services, and want to know how our VPN service can help them protect their computers and their personal information. Many computer and iPad users routinely connect to WiFi networks in Cafes, restaurants, hotels, and at the airport. Many download their email, login to websites they use, and even update their social media pages. However, if you do not secure your connection, by connecting to a VPN service, almost everything you do whilst connected to that public WiFi can be very easily intercepted by other WiFi users. It is not just a privacy issue. You can potentially be giving any user of the WiFi network your login usernames and passwords, your email address, and a whole raft of other personal information.

So how do I prevent my personal information from being leaked like this?

As the title of this article suggests, your VPN service should always be connected whenever and wherever you are using a public WiFi network. The VPN service is not just for watching TV. When connected to the VPN service, all communications between your device, and our access servers, is encrypted. This prevents any leakage and interception of your personal information over the WiFi connection you are using.

If you use a PC or Mac, and frequently connect to different WiFi networks in the UK and abroad, we usually recommend using our Professional service. This is designed to connect in the most challenging of WiFi environments, and even over 3G.

The iPad has a slightly more limited VPN capability. Most WiFi networks usually support PPTP or L2TP VPN connections. However there are occasions where some WiFi providers only allow web browsing from their networks. If this is the case, their WiFi will prevent the VPN from connecting. In such circumstances, it is better to use an alternate WiFi network that does support VPN connections, than to risk the interception of your information.

With the increasing use of mobile devices such as laptops, iPads, and even smartphones, it is imperative that you keep your personal information secure. Most computer users protect their devices with anti virus software, but few secure their connection when using public WiFi networks. Whenever you connect to a public network, you should always switch on your VPN connection to This will help keep your personal information safe from the prying eyes of other WiFi users.

Your VPN service is designed to be used wherever you go, not just to watch TV when you are on holiday!  

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