The OpenVPN Service

Secure UK and US OpenVPN Access Service for people who travel regularly – Worldwide connectivity

The UK ansd US OpenVPNl Services from the Esix Group provids a comprehensive UKor US VPN for your computer, iPad, Tablet, iPhone or Android Phone, whether in the UK, US, or travelling abroad.

Our UK and US OpenVPN services, allow you to connect back to our UK or US data centres, wherever you travel.  Many hotels and other public WiFi networks restrict the use of their networks to web browsing. Services like VOIP, Skype, streaming media, and even some Email services cannot be accessed through these networks. Our OpenVPN service will connect to our data centres, even through these restricted environments.  You can therefore access these services, just as if you were at home.

The OpenVPN services also provide additional security for your device by using strong encryption over the VPN connection. This prevents any interception of your personal information when using public WiFi networks in hotels, airports, and other public WiFi environments. To protect your personal information, this service should ALWAYS be used when connecting to a public WiFi networks, regardless of whether in the UK or travelling abroad.

Features at a glance:

  • Actively prevents eavesdropping and interception of your Internet and work connections.
  • Secures public Wifi and shared Internet connections
  • Works over 3G USB access connections
  • Worldwide access
  • Unblocks services such as VOIP, Skype and streaming services, in locations where they are inaccessable
  • Easy to setup
  • Compatible with both Windows PC and Mac
  • Ipads, and iPhones can now also connect via our OpenVPN service
  • Supported over a tethered mobile connection on iPhone and Blackberry

Protect Your Online Security

As someone who travels regularly you use Wifi connections provided by hotels, airports, and other public locations. However, because you are connected to a public network, everything you do whilst connected, can be intercepted

Your email, online banking transactions, and passwords can all be obtained with ease.

If you do not secure your connection to the Internet, you are a target for hackers, and any other unscrupulous individuals and organisations.

Whether in the UK, US, or abroad, you must protect your online security, especially when connected to any public network, whether it be a public WiFi point, or your own 3G USB internet connection.

The UK OpenVPN services work in the most challenging of telecommunications environments, including hotels, public Wifi environments, and in countries where communications are heavily regulated. The service also works over other shared environments such as Wifi hotspots, and even over the 3G mobile network, when using your iPhone, Blackberry or other device to provide Internet connectivity to your computer (tethering).

The service is simple to install and provides a highly secure encrypted tunnel from any PC, Mac, iPad or Android device, to our secure UK VPN Access network.

How to use the OpenVPN Service

The OpenVPN Servicse provids a secure connectection for your computer, whether using it at home or abroad.

For PC users, you simply connect the OpenVPN client after connecting to a public WiFi, and then use the Internet as normal. Connections for Apple Mac systems use the much acclaimed TunnelBlick software. Ipads and iPhones can now also connect using the OpenVPN Connect software which can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes or Google Play Stores.

When using public Wifi networks, or if you are in a location where services are blocked, you can enable your OpenVPN connection.

Once enabled, this will route all your Internet traffic over our encrypted VPN Access Network, and back to our datacentres. This will prevent eavesdropping on your Internet traffic, and also remove any local service restrictions.

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