UK Proxy L2TP VPN Setup Guide for iPad, iPad2, iPhone and iPod Touch

Before you start you must make sure that you have enabled our UK Proxy VPN Access Service in your Control Panel. If you are an existing user, and have already activated your account in the control panel, you can skip to section 3.

1.0 Activate your User Control Panel

Login to the User Control Panel by clicking on the link below:

Login to the SimplyExpats.Net Control Panel

The Login window will be displayed as below.

Login using the Username and Password you received in our signup email.

(If you have not received an email with your login details, please check your Spam and Junk mail folders).

2.0 Confirm your Account Details & Activate your Account

Once you have successfully logged in, the SimplyExpats.Net Account Confirmation window will be displayed.

Press the Confirm Details & Activate your Account button.

Once your account is activated, you will be returned to the main SimplyExpats.Net User Control Panel window.

Note: You cannot access Flash based Websites on your iPad iPhone etc, because the iPad does not support Flash. You can however download the UK BBC iPlayer App from the UK App Store and access the BBC via our VPN Access Service.


3.0 Setting up your iPad

Press the Settings Button on the iPad to bring up the iPad Settings menu, as the screen print below.

Select the VPN settings for the menu, and the VPN Configuration settings will be displayed.

(Note: Some iPads do not have the VPN option on the main menu until you configure a new VPN. In this case, go to Settings -> Network -> VPN -> Add VPN. This will bring you to the VPN configuration screen.)

Press Add VPN Connection.

The VPN Configuration window will be displayed.

Select the L2TP Tab at the Top of the Window.

For the Description enter L2TP

For the Server type the server address:

Type your Username in the Account setting.

Type your Password in the Password setting.

Set the Secret to (Note: This setting is case sensitive).

Press the Save button.

That’s it.

4.0 Connecting to the service

When you want to connect to the UK, load the iPad Settings as before.

Move the slider on the VPN from OFF to ON and wait for the VPN to connect. (It will say connected in the Status Box).

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