The UK and US VPN Access Service from SimplyExpats.Net – The local UK ISP – Worldwide


The UK & US VPN Service, provides a “connect on demand” service to allow you to connect your computer to our extensive UK & US VPN Access Server network, from anywhere in the world.

Once connected, you can access local UK and International resources just as if you were in the UK.

The service supports L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN. However, in most cases, we recommend connecting to our OpenVPN service, as it is much faster and more stable than L2TP, or PPTP.


Service Overview

Our UK & US VPN Services allow our customers to connect to our UK & US VPN Access Server network.

The service effectively provides a dial in (or dial on demand) platform to our UK and International network, using your existing ADSL or cable connection to the Internet.

The service supports both OpenVPN, and the standard PPTP or L2TP VPN software already installed on all PC and Apple Mac systems, as well as many other tablet and even games devices. In most cases we recommend using our OpenVPN service, as it provides a much faster and more stable environment that PPTP or L2TP.

You simply connect when you want to use the service, and disconnect when you have finished.

This is exactly the same network and technology we use for our corporate customers, to provide remote dial in access to their company networks, for their employees.

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Features at a glance

• Connect back to the UK or US from anywhere in the world
• Protect your computer from “eavesdropping” whilst using public WiFi
• Absolutely NO advertising on our service
• We DO NOT subsidize this service by selling your email address
• Improve your personal security by preventing marketing organisations tracking your web browsing activity
• Extensive UK and international network for fast and reliable connections
• No cancelation fees

How it works

All PC and Apple Mac systems have built in software to enable you to connect to our UK & US VPN services. Our UK & US VPN services are also supported on many other devices including games consoles and dedicated Internet TV boxes.

Our UK & US VPN services provide dial up (or dial on demand) access to our UK and International managed services network, using your existing ADSL or cable connection.

Once configured you simply load the VPN connection program, press connect to connect to the service, and you are up and running.


The built in Apple Mac and Windows VPN Connect Programs

You can then use your web browser to browse web sites, just as you would do when you are at home.

When you have finished, you simply disconnect from the VPN service. Simple. is a strictly a home user service. However, the Esix Group provides a fully managed Worldwide remote access and UK VPN Access Service for corporate users.

This allows our corporate customers to concentrate on their core business, and leave the systems management to us.

Many business people are using our service to provide remote access to their offices for sales staff and teleworkers based both in the UK and worldwide. The service allows us to network remote offices together as well.

See the Esix Group website for more details.

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