The UK & US Access Services for Android

Make your Tablet the Ultimate Travelling Companion with the service for Android

The OpenVPN Services for Android provide a fast and reliable connection to our UK or US Access Servers, to allow you to connect back to the UK or US, wherever you travel.

OpenVPN and Backup OpenVPN Services

The Service for Android allows you to connect either to our normal OpenVPN Service or to our Backup OpenVPN service. Our Backup service uses SSL instead of the normal OpenVPN connection, so will go through most firewalls.

This allows you to connect to the service, even when staying in hotels, or using shared Wifi networks whilst you are away from home.

You can switch between the normal OpenVPN Service and our Backup OpenVPN Service whenever you like, allowing you the maximum flexibility possible.

Which service will provide a better connection for you, depends on your location and available network connectivity. Some hotels and public Wifi services, for example, do not allow VPN connections through their network. In such cases, you can simply connect using the Backup Service.

For normal Home use, we recommend using our normal OpenVPN Service. The normal OpenVPN Service in most cases provides a faster and more reliable connection.

The Setup Guide for the OpenVPN for android Service can be found <<HERE>>

Features at a glance

  • Dedicated and especially configured for Android Tablet and Android Mobile Phone users.
  • Uses OpenVPN for Android available from the Play Store
  • Easy to configure
  • Use the service anywhere in the world

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am an existing subscriber. Do a need an additional subscription to use the OpenVPN service for Android?

A. No. The service is included in your existing subscription.

Q. Does the service work over 3G?

A. Yes the service works over 3G networks that have sufficient bandwidth.  Some 3G providers do not allow VPN connections through their network. In such cases, you can usually connect using the Proxy Backup Service.

Q. I travel extensively. Does the service work in hotels?

A. Yes the service works in hotels where WiFi is available.


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