Setting up your Mac to use the OpenVPN Service

1.0 Activate your User Control Panel

IMPORTANT: You must confirm your account details and activate your account within the control panel. Until your account is activated as described below, you will not be able to login to the services.

Login to the User Control Panel by clicking on the link below:

Login to the SimplyExpats.Net Control Panel

The Login window will be displayed as below.

Login using the Username and Password you received in our signup email.

(If you have not received an email with your login details, please check your Spam and Junk mail folders).

2.0 Confirm your Account Details & Activate your Account

Once you have successfully logged in, the SimplyExpats.Net Account Confirmation window will be displayed.

Press the Confirm Details & Activate your Account button.

Once your account is activated, you will be returned to the main SimplyExpats.Net User Control Panel window.

3.0 Configuring your Apple Mac to use the SimplyExpats OpenVPN Service

Setting up your Apple Mac to use the SimplyExpats OpenVPN service is simple.

3.1 Download the OpenVPN GUI Software

Download our Tunnelblick OpenVPN software from our Website by clicking the link HERE>>,

The TunnelBlick installer will be saved to your Downloads Folder.

Double Click on the Tunnelblick disk image, to start the install.

The Tunnelblick installer will load.

Double click the Tunnelblick Icon to start the install.

The download security check window appears, press Open.

The Install window is displayed to confirm that you want to install the software. enter your password and press OK.

The install will complete.

The progress window is displayed. Press Quit.

The software installation is complete, and you now need to download the ESIX configuration files.

4.0 Download and save the SimplyExpats OpenVPN configuration files

The SimplyExpats OpenVPN service provides two ways to access the service. These are called Profiles in OpenVPN. You can connect by the standard SimplyExpats OpenVPN profile, or via the SimplyExpats Backup OpenVPN profile (usually used in hotels or airports, where you may not be able to connect via normal OpenVPN service).

To install both connections download the profiles from the links below (The profiles will be saved to your downloads folder).

Note: If you subscribe to our multi country service, you should download and import all four OpenVPN Profiles.

UK Flag

UK VPN Subscribers

US Flag

US VPN Subscribers

Download UK SimplyExpats3 Profile Download Main US SimplyExpats Profile

Download the SimplyExpats OpenVPN profiles for your service from the links above.

Click on the Tunnelblick icon on the top right of the Apple Bar, as below

and select VPN Details.

The main Tunnelblick window is displayed.

Tunnelblick OpenVPN2

Press the + (Add Button).

Tunnelblick OpenVPN3

Press the "I have configuration files" button.

Tunnelblick OpenVPN 4

Press the OpenVPN Configuration button.

An instructions window will be displayed to guide you through the import of the configuration files.

Tunnelblick OpenVPN 6

Do not press the Done button yet.

You will also see that Finder has also opened an "Empty Tunnelblick VPN Configuration" folder on your Desktop.

Open your Downloads folder in another Finder window.

You will see two files SimplyExpats.ovpn and SimplyExpats_Backup.ovpn (SimplyExpats_US.ovpn & SimplyExpats_Backup_US.ovpn for US VPN subscribers).

Copy the SimplyExpats.ovpn file to the Empty TunnelBlick VPN Configuration folder.

Close the "Empty Tunnelblick VPN Configuration" Finder window.

Select the "Empty Tunnelblick VPN Configuration" folder on your desktop, and rename it to SimplyExpats.tblk.

A confirmation box is displayed.

Tunnelblick OpenVPN8

Press the Add button.

Double click the SimplyExpats.tblk folder.

Tunnelblick will then import the configuration. During the import, your Mac will prompt you for your Mac password to confirm the import.

You can now import the remaining Profiles in exactly the same way as you imported the SimplyExpats.ovpn file above.

Once you have imported both the SimplyExpats and SimplyExpats Backup profiles, you should see them in your Tunnelblick VPN Details Window as below:

Tunnelblick OpenVPN 9

Ensure that the Set DNS / WINS option is set to Set Nameserver (3.0b.10).

The set up is now complete and you should be able to connect to the SimplyExpats OpenVPN service.

5.0 Connecting to the OpenVPN Service

5.1 Connecting to the Service

To connect to the SimplyExpats OpenVPN service, simply click on the Tunnelblick icon on the top right of the Apple Bar, as below.


Select the SimplyExpats service to connect to.


Tunnelblick OpenVPN 10

The Login dialog will be displayed as below.

Enter your username and password, and tick the save in keychain option.

Press OK to connect.

5.2 Disconnecting from the Service

To disconnect from the service, simply click on the Tunnelblick icon on the Apple Bar, select the SimplyExpats service, and press Disconnect.


6.0 Connecting to the SimplyExpats Backup Connection

Some users (usually in hotels and some countries where Internet restrictions are imposed) may not be able to connect to our service using the standard SimplyExpats OpenVPN connection.

In such cases, we recommend you connect using the Backup SimplyExpats connection. This connection is marginally slower than our standard service connection due to the nature of the way it connects to the service, so should only be used if you cannot connect to our standard connection.

Tunnelblick OpenVPN 10

Select the SimplyExpats Backup connection from the Tunneclblick OpenVPN application and press connect.

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