The SimplyExpats.Net User Control Panel


1.0 Overview

Activating your Control Panel account is simple, and takes only a few seconds. Your subscription is activated from our user Control Panel. This enables you to switch between our UK VPN Service, and our Web Proxy Service whenever you wish, and at no extra cost. Our users can therefore select the best service to suit their needs.

2.0 Confirming your details & activating your account

Click on the link below to connect to our account registration server. The Control Panel login dialog box is displayed as below

Login using the username (beginning with pp-) and password provided by PayPal. The Activation Screen will be displayed.

In most cases your contact details and email address will already be automatically filled in for you. However, customers who have had accounts with SimplyExpats.Net for some time, may need to update their details. Please ensure your details are correct, and press the Confirm Details and Activate your Account button. Once your account has been activated, the main Control Panel page will be displayed.

2.0 Changing your password

The Control Panel allows you to change your password, should you wish to do so. We generally recommend that our subscribers leave their passwords set to the password generated by PayPal. This ensures that you have a record of your password in your PayPal account. However, if you do wish to change your password, select the Change Password option from the main menu. The Change Password screen will be displayed. Enter your new password, and confirm your password. Press Submit, to update your password. Please make sure that you record your password somewhere for future reference. Note: it may take up to five minutes to update your password across the SimplyExpats.Net network.

3.0 Displaying Service Status Information

The new User Control Panel has a page that contains useful information regarding the status of the SImplyExpats.Net network. This page is updated with any planned maintenance work, and upgrades to the service.

4.0 Displaying Service Information

The new User Control Panel also contains a page detailing the server addresses and port numbers in use by the SimplyExpats.Net service, and links to the Setup Guides.

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