UK & US VPN Services for PC, Mac, iPad and Tablets from

Connect to our UK or US network from almost anywhere in the world

Why Use Us

  • UK and US Data Centres
  • Use your computer or tablet when travelling just as you would at home
  • Secure public WiFi connections & protect your privacy
  • Access UK or US specific websites when travelling abroad
  • Fast multi gigabit connections
  • OpenVPN as standard
  • Backup routes to ensure connection
  • Absolutely NO advertising
  • Excellent Support

What our customers say about us

Thanks very much for all your prompt advice and assistance. I have recommended Simply Expats to a number of people who have also taken it up. All the best,

I have been using your service for about a year with no complaints. Great service and I would advise any other expats or frequent overseas travellers to sign up.

Thank you SOOO much for your help. Thank you, thank you and thank you. I'll remember and never forget YOUR help.With best wishes,


Best customer service ever :o)I'll definitely recommend it to my friends. Cheers!


Thank you for your help and for such a wonderful service.


Top notch service and top notch support as always.

Thanks for the service, it's working great!


The UK and US VPN Services from

The UK and US VPN Remote Access Services from provide remote connectivity back to the United Kingdom or to the Unites States from almost anywhere in the world.

As people who travel regularly, we appreciate the importance of staying in touch with what is happening at home.

Whilst travelling, we want to be able to use the same services we do at home. For example, when travelling in Spain, we want to use Google in English, not Spanish. This is one of the biggest annoyances for frequent travellers.

Furthermore, in some countries, hotels and public WiFi networks access to services such as Skype, FaceTime and VOIP are restricted..

Many websites such as Internet banking, job sites, and search engines, also operate on a geographic basis.

Our service is designed for UK or US residents whilst travelling abroad, or who are concerned about their security and privacy. The service also allows you to use the Internet, just as you would at home.

VPN Security

Our VPN services help protect your computer security, by providing a high grade encrypted link between you, and our data centres in the United Kingdom or the United States. This prevents people from intercepting personal information such as email addresses and passwords, when using public WiFi services in hotels, airports and other locations.

If you travel regularly within the UK, United States and abroad, and use public Wifi services, you should always enable your VPN service to protect against eavesdropping.

We use the same technology as many large multinational organisations to provide remote access for their employees, to ensure the highest levels of security, availability and reliability for our customers. customers also enjoy access to our online Helpdesk, to ensure that they get the most from our service. is a subscription based service. We do not fund this service by advertising on our network, or selling email addresses to online marketing companies.

This ensures that we can maintain the highest levels service for our subscribers and sufficient investment in our infrastructure.

Monthly subscription from only £6 pcm.

Features at a Glance

  • Connect to our UK Data Centres when travelling in the UK or abroad
  • Connect to our US Data Centres when travelling in the US or abroad
  • Secure your Internet connection when using Public WifI networks
  • Choose our UK VPN Service, US VPN Service, or both
  • Use your computer or tablet just if if you were at home
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, or PPTP Access to our UK data centres
  • Backup VPN access, for WiFi and public networks where VPN access is restricted
  • Install OpenVPN, or use the built in VPN software for your device
  • Easily setup, only takes a couple of minutes




New to SimplyExpats: US and Dual Country VPN Service Released

By popular demand, we have released our new United States VPN service.

The new services allow SimplyExpats subscribers to choose either our United Kingdom VPN service, or our United States VPN service.

You can also subscribe to our dual country VPN service, which allows you to switch beteen our UK VPN or US VPN service whenever you choose.

Our new US VPN service is hosted in data centres in Santa Clara, California, and Atlanta Georgia. These data centres provide high bandwidth and low latency connections, and are home to many of the large US corporate organisations.

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